Managing emotions – manual

Support for foreign students

University Counselling and Support Centre (UCSC) provides easy access to counseling and support services that meet diverse needs of students and help them move forward in their studies and in their professional and personal lives. UCSC provides comprehensive counselling activities for SUA students in an inclusive environment, provides individualized support and creates suitable conditions for disabled students, students with specific needs and students from disadvantaged background.

UCSC's key activities include:

1. Career counselling, coaching and mentoring.
2. Counselling for applicants.
3. Social, financial and legal counselling.
4. Health counselling (also in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic).
5. Psychological counselling.
6. Counselling and support services for students with specific needs.
7. Counselling and support services for students from socially disadvantaged background (including MRC).
8. Vocational education studies and education for university teachers.
Consultations and counselling are provided by Mgr. and Mgr. Jana Rybanská, PhD., PhDr. Miroslav Poláček, PhD. and Mgr. Simona Belovičová, PhD.

Please, contact us at or by contact form.